miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

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Dead Hours - Re-release/re-edición

Nuestro último lanzamiento ha sido relanzado por el netlabel Test Tube: La nueva edición es diferente de la editada en Agosto de este año por A.M.P. Todos los temas han sido remixados/extendidos, y se incluye además una canción nueva. Además, incluye nuevo arte de tapa.


The Cherry Blues Project is a well known two-people-project from Argentina. They have released a handful of works on the excellent Resting Bell netlabel, touching the experimental genre and folk music languages, as well as heavily relying on field recordings to build their works.
'Dead Hours' is their brand new album, a refreshing collection of compositions going well over a hour and covering pretty much all the territories that are familiar to the duo's sound geography. Some pieces are more on the field recordings side, while some others are clearly experimental works, while others yet have distinct folk arrangements and acoustic treatment. There are also some alternative mixes and remixes thrown into the bag, showing that Cherry and Blues are very confortable doing what they do best: designing specific audio environments.

The tone set throughout 'Dead Hours' is obviously dark, sometimes even dark ambient-like, which as far as I know isn't what they are used to do. However they're very convincing doing it, and 'Dead Hours' is a beautifully patchworked album that you shouldn't miss out. - Pedro Leitão

The Time is Dead [7.34]
12 Hours [2.27]
Ingreso (Cherry Mix) [3.49]
Dry [7.44]
Voodoo #1 [3.59]
...this was going to be the intro [1.19]
24 Hours [3.12]
White Noise [2.11]
When I'm Not Myself, I Prefer to be Someone Else (Remix) [7.24]
Intervención (Cherry Mix) [6.38]
Voodoo #2 [1.51]
Furious Repetition [4.42]
All I Need [6.35]